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Caregivers nationwide. 
"We serve the servant one wish at a time."

SpotLight Electric LLC

Thank you
Darby Wilcox with Darby's Web Designs for your outstanding support of A Caretaker's Wish!

The Shutterbugz Studio
Tonja Himschoot

Thank you Tonja for your outstanding support in capturing the very special memories we have com our way as well as Caregivers and their families!

Thank you to Mike Fitzgerald for your kind support of Caregivers and their special needs children. Mid-Air caters to all special needs and they certainly go out of their way to ensure all kids and Caregivers have a stress and worry free environment! Mid-Air Adventures has joined hands with A Caretaker's Wish during our Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas Outreaches! Thank you Mid-Air staff!!

Thank you to Jeff & Debbie Payne for their outstanding support for Caregiver getaways!!