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Of David

Of David is a ministry near and dear to all of us at A Caretaker's Wish. The hearts represented in Of David are as big as their music, and their talent is nothing short of completely impressive!  Despite the many trials and tribulations they have been through they continue to reach out with their hands of ministry to the community and to other Non-Profit foundations.  They are the first to step up to the plate and entertain in fundraisers, ministry outreaches and so much more.  They have reached out to A Caretaker's Wish in so many ways and well they are now part of our family.  Our hope by sharing this message is that you will find ways to utilize this amazing group for your venues.  They will bring an unexpected uniqueness in which you will be pleasantly surprised! Thank you Tony and Rex for your dedication to A Caretaker's Wish and may blessings rest upon you and your family.