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Kevin & Dawn's Story

Dawn & Kevin Wanser began their family in 1992 with their first son Cody.  In 1996 Cody was diagnosed with a very rare type of dystrophy when he lost his ability to stand and walk.  The devastating news only grew more difficult as the doctors deemed Cody's illness terminal, giving him only 4-6 years to live.  At that moment Dawn made a promise to Cody - they were never going to give up.  
So the journey of caregiving began for Dawn.  They just had to trust that God was in control, while working endlessly to give Cody the best care possible.

In 2000 Dawn & Kevin welcomed their second son Jacob into the world.  With absolute joy Jacob grew as a very healthy, vibrant young boy.  In 2006 the Wanser family faced yet another trial when Jacob suffered a Gran Mal Seizure that stopped his breathing.  It was truly a blessing that Dawn was trained as a CNA, and had extensive training in CPR and First Aid.  She was able to assist in helping her son until paramedics arrived. Later that week it was confirmed Jacob was suffering the same type of illness as Cody.

Dawn has been the boys' Caregiver for all of their lives.  Jacob will be turning a teenager this year at the age of 13 and is doing beautifully! On February 5, 2013 their precious Cody "Bear" went home to be with Jesus at the age of 20.  Cody was an absolute miracle in confounding the medical profession as he was only given until age 6 to survive.  Cody's spirit lives on in so many people to this day and never stops changing lives.

  "Through all the tribulations and trials, I would never change a thing. I am a better person  because of these two little teaching angels the Lord has placed in my life. I understand now that Cody and Jacob are in this world to teach us all humility; and because of them the world is a better place. God has been there for us all since day one. I can tell you He has met us at every obstacle. He has brought tremendous blessings in our life. I give all the glory to Jesus and our God in Heaven for everything.
One more thought to share......As I was pondering my purpose in life, I looked into the eyes of two beautiful angels. It was then I realized that these little angels could not complete God's work without the help of a Caregiver....." Dawn Wanser