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"Cody & Jacob"Memorial


Our precious boy "Cody Bear" (on the left) went home to be with Jesus surrounded by his loved ones in prayer on February 5, 2013. Our precious little "JaceeBee" (on the right) went to be with Jesus held in our loving arms on June 29, 2015.
Cody and Jacob's mission on earth is complete, but their spirits remain changing lives as we speak.
We couldn't be more proud of our sons.
 Cody your smile, your heart and Jacob your zeal, your fierceness, will live through all that we do until we see you again in God's glory.
We love you boys.
Onward Christian Soldiers.

“Angel Steps on Streets of Gold”

Oh God how we prayed for a special little boy,
that would fill our world with laughter and joy.

Answered our prayers for certain you did,
Fearfully, wonderfully Your breath within him.

Placing him in our tender loving care,
whispering “This is my gift for you to share.

Heeded your Your words with thanksgiving and praise,
our special little angel so willing we raised.

Through his journey every heart within reach,
his light did shine to bless and to teach.

With your mission complete ,
to heaven you were sent in a tender loving prayer.

And on the Streets of Gold you’ll wait for us there.

In loving memory of our Cody Bear 2//5/13
Author: Dawn Wanser

We would also like to thank Dani and Lizzy for honoring our boys so graciously in their video.
Please support them by purchasing their song "Dancing in the Sky"